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What is the cost of the show?

Eliot offers two different entertainment packages for children’s birthday parties. For instant information about the packages including complete details and pricing, simply fill out this form

How far in advance does Eliot need to be booked?

Eliot generally schedules a month in advance. Performance date and times are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. He can schedule last minute bookings depending on the time of the year. The earlier you schedule, the better chance that you’ll get the date and time you want. 

When’s is a good time to begin the show?

If possible, start the show about a half hour after the party starts. Eliot recommends serving food, snacks, etc. after the show when the children will be hungry and apt to taking more than one bite.

Can goody bags be included?

Of course! The goody bag has items that are fun, safe, and age appropriate. Each item in the bag has been kid tested and parent approved. 

Can the show be outdoors?

Yes! Eliot can perform outdoors if the weather is decent and as long as the elements are comfortable for the boys and girls to sit and watch.

How much space do you need?

Not much at all. Eliot can adapt to any living room with at least a 4′ by 4′ area. A performance area in an open highly visible location is ideal. The children will be sitting on the floor in front of him for a more intimate experience. This is a comfortable atmosphere and a better view for them.

Does Eliot use animals in his show?

Superbunny and Superbird make a magical appearance. The children have a great time meeting the rabbit and dove. Loads of photo opportunities!

What if parents stay for the show?

Super! Eliot also performs for family audiences. He can adapt his show to include adults as well. Everyone will have a great time! 

What ages is Eliot’s show appropriate for?

Eliot has extensive experience for all ages of children from ages 3 to 10 years old. He can customize the show for a specific age group or it can be adapted for a wide range of ages including adults in the audience.

Why should I hire Eliot, compared to all the other options available?

Eliot is a birthday party performing professional and engages all the children and delivers a quality show with: Magic, Participation, Comedy, Balloons and Ventriloquism. 

How much experience with children and performing at birthday parties does Eliot have?

Eliot has been an NYC/NJ public school teacher for 20 years. Kindergarten – 8th Grade. He has been performing at birthday parties all over NYC/NJ for 25 years. Eliot can hold children’s attention and keep them laughing.  

What’s the quickest way to contact Eliot?

The fastest and most efficient way to schedule your event is by filling out the booking form. You may e-mail me at [email protected] or call me at (732)-679-2100 with any questions or concerns you may have. I will then contact you as soon as I fly home.


Just a tiny bit of information and you are on your way to a great event for your family.